Introduction to AASM Hypopnea Scoring Criteria

This is an introduction to the American academy of sleep medicines hypopnea 1A & 1B scoring criteria. We will discuss all the rules associated to Hypopnea scoring, as well as highlight scoring examples via Neurovirtual’s BWAnalysis Sleep Software.
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Topics Covered

  • 1A & 1B Scoring Guidelines (AASM)
  • Hypopnea Scoring Criteria
  • Significant differences between 1A & 1B
  • Importance of scoring both criteria simultaneously
  • Limitations When Scoring 1A & 1B criteria Simultaneously
  • Template Report considerations when scoring both criteria simultaneously
  • Advantages of Scoring 1A & 1B Criteria Simultaneously
  • Disadvantages of Scoring 1A & 1B Criteria Simultaneously
  • PSG solution to consider scoring 1A & 1B Criteria simultaneously
  • BWanalysis 1A & 1B Scoring Examples
  • Template Report Examples (1A & 1B)

Estimated Time: 30 min

Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Sleep Medicine

Language: English


Felipe Lerida
Clinical product development manager at Neurovirtual. Responsible for conducting courses and training in different countries on neurology and sleep medicine.