EEG of Neonates

EEG of Neonates
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EEG of Neonates
EEG of Premature and Full-Term Newborns

Estimated Time: 33 min

Difficulty: Intermediary

Category: Neurology

Language: Spanish


Dr. Armin Delgado Salinas

Dr. Armin Delgado Salinas is a prominent neurologist graduated from the Universidad Nacional San Agustín in Arequipa, and specialized at the Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal. He has extensive experience in Pediatric Epilepsy and Neurophysiology, as well as Sleep Medicine, gained through specialized internships. With an empathetic and personalized approach, Dr. Delgado is dedicated to diagnosing and treating complex neurological conditions, particularly in children. His commitment to continuous learning and excellence in patient care make him a reference in his field.