10-20 System/Assembly/EEG machine

10-20 System/Assembly/EEG machine

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10-20 System/Assembly/EEG machine

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10-20 System
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EEG machine:

Estimated Time: 22 min

Difficulty: Intermediary

Category: Neurology

Language: Spanish


Dr. Jorge G. Burneo
Dr. Burneo is Co-Director of the Epilepsy Program and the Chair/Chief of the Division of Neurology at Western University and the London Health Sciences Center. He is also a Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology at the Schulich School of Medicine at Western University, and the Medical Director of the EEG Laboratory at the London Health Sciences Center. He holds the Jack Cowin Endowed Chair in Epilepsy Research at Western University.

Dr. Burneo was the President of the Canadian League Against Epilepsy (CLAE), and the Chair of the Council on Communications at the American Epilepsy Society. He is involved in Committees and Task Forces at the ILAE. He Co-Led the establishment of EpLink, a multicenter epilepsy research initiative in Ontario. He has been a member of the Provincial Epilepsy Strategy, and Ontario Epilepsy ECHO, both initiatives to improve epilepsy care in the Province of Ontario. He recently received the distinction of “Ambassador for Epilepsy Award” by the ILAE, for his numerous contributions to the international community, including collaborating in the development of two epilepsy surgery programs in Peru, training of Latin American and International fellows in his center, and collaborative initiatives within the ILAE, AES, CLAE and the English Caribbean.